Business View Magazine September 2018

336 337 WORLDWIDE SUPPLY SEEING THE NEW STRATEGY THROUGH W orldwide Supply, headquartered in Franklin, New Jersey, is a global supplier of network and telecommunications equipment and services, and a leader in the secondary market for used and refurbished equipment including routers, switches, and networking services. The company was co-founded in 2004, by its CEO, Jay VanOrden and COO, Jim Smith - two firm believers that one company’s castoffs can always become another compa- ny’s treasures. The company’s customer base is focused on Tier One and Tier Two cable operators, service provider/carriers, and medium to large-size enterprise businesses that might need the necessary equipment and services to build their backbone network to support high-speed voice, data, and video. It sells both new and pre-owned products as well as a variety of services that support them. In many cases, the company will procure equipment from the