Business View Magazine September 2018

338 339 Tier Ones, then turn around and sell it to the Tier Twos, saving them as much as 80 percent of their costs. Recently, however, VanOrden reports that Worldwide Supply has evolved in the direction of becoming more of a global IT services company. “We were always known as the refurbisher, the used network equipment guys. That was who we were and what the company was branded as. That was our expertise,” he states. “We made a conscious decision, though, starting a few years back, that we needed to move in the direction of services and software, given where the hard- ware market was going– the large OEMs, like the Ciscos of the world have been transforming and evolving, as well, for a few years now. So, the writing was on the wall for us.We’re also in the process of rebranding our company to be known as Worldwide Services. The hardware will always be a portion of what we do, but where we used to lead with hardware and then provide comple- mentary services, we flipped that model.” “The managed IT services is really what our focus is - a broad suite of offerings that we’re pro- viding, highlighted by our third party, multi-ven- dor maintenance that has been one of the fastest growing portions of our business,” VanOrden con- tinues. “It’s one of the areas where we have made tremendous strides in growth, along with network monitoring, professional services, and 24-hour response time. That’s a few areas in the services arena that we’re focused on and seeing growth. “On the software side, we partnered with a WORLDWIDE SUPPLY AT A GLANCE WORLDWIDE SUPPLY WHAT: A global supplier of network and telecom- munications equipment and services WHERE: Hardyston Township, New Jersey WEBSITE: company that has allowed us to offer a cloud- based solution to help companies do a better job of managing their assets and services. What I mean by that is that if you’re a carrier, or a cable operator, or even one of the large enterprises, one of the things we continual- ly hear as we’re speaking with prospective customers is that they really don’t have a strategy to manage all of their assets –not just the decommissioned assets, but the current assets in their network, the services that these operators are offering their clients, tracking how they’re billing them. And what we found is that a lot of them were doing it manually, whether it is with a spreadsheet or a separate data base that isn’t integrated into their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. So, what we’ve done, in partnering with this company, is develop a cloud-based solution that allows us to help them manage