Business View Magazine September 2018

328 329 We understand. We explain. We provide solutions. SeqGen has one mission- to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering the highest quality of service. This is your worry-free as- surance that SeqGen will handle everything related to your instrument, allowing you to focus on what really matters. OUR SERVICE: Whether its troubleshooting or instrument how-to tips, SeqGen provides top-quality maintenance and repair service for a variety of Applied Biosystems instruments. Our knowledge is vast with years of support to DNA Analyzer, Real-Time PCR systems, and ther- mal cyclers, as well as Illumina MiSeq. OUR ENGINEERS: SeqGen engineers are what make your service visit the absolute best experience. Always helpful to thoroughly explain and answer questions regarding instrument issues, and will even recommend tips and techniques to prevent future issues. They’re trained ex- perts who are dedicated with a focus on developing a lasting relationship with you and your instrument, no matter how big or small the job. OUR PRICES: Whether you’re looking for a one-time service visit or a full-coverage protection plan, SeqGen is dedicated to providing the tech- nical support, repair service, or maintenance solutions to meet your lab needs. As an economical alternative to the other compet- itors, you will notice a significate saving paired with our service. We proudly stand by a response window of 48 hours or less to ensure your instrument operates smoothly with as little downtime interruptions. Major models we service: Sanger DNA analyzer: 310, 3100, 3130, 3500, 3730 3500 3730XL Real-Time PCR: 7300, 7500, 7900 Thermal Cycler: 27XX, 9700, 9800 Illumina next-gen Sequencer: MiSeq 7500 MiSeq 1725 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501 // 877.377.3743 // SeqGen, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company