Business View Magazine September 2018

134 135 based on relationships – forming bonds during and after work hours.” BVM: In what other ways are you different from the competition? Angela: “I’m the designated broker and my hus- band and I lead.We are totally immersed in this business. God guides us to pour ourselves into the lives of our agents. For years, we’ve been doing a Monday Morning Mindset, where Chuck and I talk to our agents and our Facebook audience about all kind of things related to mindset issues. It gets their week started off right. We even wrote a book called Mastering Your Real Estate Career that our agents say has really helped them.” Chuck: “We run the company as if it’s our family. We don’t look at this as business, we look at it as life, and we’re there for our agents as teachers and mentors in real estate. I get to work with my wife/best friend and we’re together 24/7. Togeth- er we share the talents that God has given us to bless other people. We are excellent at teaching and mentoring and we know how to help agents build business. We even talk about our marriage, how we keep it strong (we have six kids, two are adopted), and we talk about life. And people con- nect with us because, sometimes, they think these so-called super-successful people don’t experi- ence the same things as them.We bring reality back into this environment and world we have, which is Revelation Real Estate. People actually ask us if we do marriage counselling– and we have! We invest ourselves into our agents’ lives. Our agents are from all backgrounds, denomina- REVELATION REAL ESTATE tions, beliefs, and ages.We believe that you love everyone, and you don’t judge.” BVM: Any other initiatives that are getting you noticed? Angela: “We’re really excited about ‘Moms in Real Estate.’ It’s a Facebook group where we do a live show, and we’ve just started creating podcasts.We interview women from all over the country who are moms working in real estate, with our companies and others, and we have a very relaxed conversation about life; their chal- lenges, victories, successes, failures. Through that avenue, we want to encourage and empow- er women and make them stronger. That’s an overarching theme with all our businesses – the relationship part. “We have comprehensive training for new agents, experienced agents, agents trying to get to the next level. And we do unique, fun things. For example: continuing education classes might be in the form of a game show. They’re education- al but extremely engaging and interactive.We get upwards of 100 agents attending those.We do classes almost every day, with bigger productions once a month. Every day Chuck and I ask God to send us people to bless and we attract talent.” Chuck: “Angela and I are the entertainment division and we’re really funny comedians! We are driven to improve the lives of others and we’re good at it. One way we do this has to do with relationships. Building and sustaining rela- tionships is the number one thing the National Association of Realtors (NAR) puts out, statisti-