Business View Magazine - October 2018

60 61 BEST CHOICE ROOFING AND HOME IMPROVEMENT INC. underneath the Best Choice Roofing umbrel- la, with hopes and aspirations to double that in the next two to three years. So, not only did we find a profitable company that had a pretty good revenue stream, we were also able to combine that with helping people and providing a valuable service. “When I first got into the business, I said, ‘I can pay my bills doing this. I like this.Who knows what the future will bring?’ Shortly and quickly, I realized I was onto something. I put my eyes on that number one spot in the nation and wanted to become the largest res- idential roofing contractor in the U.S..Within the first three years, we had become one of the top one hundred residential roofing contractors based on volume. That was a big milestone for us and we’ve consistently been in that ranking every year and consistently moved closer to that coveted top five spot.” When Holloway first began his company, he admits that not having many competitors who were knocking on the doors of people who had roof damage, but were unaware that they could get their insurance companies to defray repair or replacement costs, helped him build a strong revenue pipeline. But since then, he attributes the company’s rapid ex- pansion to the passion of his employees, who are given many opportunities to grow with the firm. “We strive to take care of our sales- people,” he explains. “We strive to give them opportunities for advancement. You can come onboard as a salesperson, six months later be- come a sales manager, six months later become a general manager, and six months later approach me and say ‘I want a piece of the pie.’ So, if I’ve got a gentleman or lady who’s interested,we’ll sit down and determine an area they are comfortable with, and under a license agreement give them the opportunity to open up a location,with me as a ma- jority owner.And then, they are able to get a piece of the pie and the Best Choice Roofing logo.” Currently, Holloway reports that seven of his employees have already taken advantage of the opportunity to become part owners. “By the end of the year, we’re looking at having a total of nine; and by March of next year, that number will be about 12,” he states. “So, we’re constantly training people for that. A motto that we’ve been using internally over the last few years about that developmental approach is: ‘Come here to work– stay here to own.’ Most of the people in management positions within the company hope to become a general or regional manager or owner of a branch. That’s driven the passion. You can come on board, take this job seriously, learn everything you can, and if you do a good job and are passionate about it, you’ll never have to look for another job for the rest of your life.”