Business View Magazine - October 2018

58 59 CLOSING INONTHE NO. 1 SPOT B est Choice Roofing and Home Improve- ment Inc. of Hendersonville, Tennessee, is a national roofing company and an Ow- ens-Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor that was founded by Wayne Holloway in 2009. “I had learned about storm damage to roofs and roofing companies specializing in storm damage repair and replacement,” Holloway recounts. “I had an extensive background in sales and realized that this was something that I could do, and probably do well. Back in 2009, when we talked to a cus- tomer, they had no idea, whatsoever, that insurance companies would pay to replace their roof. So, I tried it and was successful at it, and then realized that I could duplicate it and hire a few other guys and teach them how to help people.” “Because I was blessed enough to find some good quality people, I was able to replicate and duplicate what we did in our original city, multiple dozens of times throughout the last nine years,” Holloway continues. “We now have 24 offices AT A GLANCE BEST CHOICE ROOFING AND HOME IMPROVEMENT INC. WHAT: A national roofing company WHERE: Hendersonville, Tennessee WEBSITE: