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Business View - November 2014 7
Taking front and center stage in our North American
and Caribbean editions for November are in-depth
feature pieces on companies like Elite Supply Chain
Solutions, an Ohio-based operation that sets itself
apart with a quest to create customized and strategic
approaches for every storage and material-handling
environment, without simply leaning on the solutions
that have worked elsewhere.
Elite was founded in February 2013, and, a year lat-
er, it became a subsidiary of MH Logistics, which is
based in Peoria, Ill. and also includes offshoots MH
Equipment, MH JCB and Guardian Fleet.
“When we created the company, one of the things we
wanted to do was go into every opportunity, whether
with an existing customer or a new customer, with a
clean piece of paper,” said Scott Hennie, the com-
pany’s president. “It’s very easy to fall into the trap
of ‘Sure, I know how to solve this problem. We did
that 10 years ago.’ But today, customers are looking
for different solutions. They’re looking for more au-
tomation and more technology, integrated into their
Meanwhile, just nine hours of southeasterly flight
time away in the dual-island nation of Trinidad &
Tobago, the entity now known as Lifetime Solutions
continues to build on its reputation as the region’s
go-to source for metal roofing and flat-roof water-
proofing expertise.
The company got its start as Lifetime Roofing Ltd. in
1985 and opened for business as a manufacturer
and installer of products for both steep-slope and
flat-roof applications. Subsequent expansion took
place to provide downstream roofing-related items
pertaining to related functions like guttering, insula-
tion, soffits and steel fabrication.
The acquisition of Trinidad Asphalt & Metal Roofing
Ltd. in 2012 meant the addition of a flat-roof water-
proofing portfolio with more than 30 years of domes-
tic and regional project work.
A recent investment was made to purchase an up-
graded lightweight insulating concrete machine to
replace an older version, and CEO Deborah Costelloe
said plans are in the works that may clear the way for
an expansion to the 100,000 square feet of manu-
facturing the company now possesses.
“A new plant and new equipment are always on the
horizon,” she said. “Those are some of the things we
plan to do to maintain our position in the market.”
Check out the Elite Supply Chain Solutions and Life-
time Solutions pieces as well as other feature stories
in this month’s issues, alongside supplemental con-
tent in the form of Top 10 lists, the Opening Lines
section and the inaugural edition of our end-of-mag-
azine feature – “Exit Interview” – which will include
snippets from one of the month’s best interview con-
Please feel free to contact me with any comments
or critiques, as well as suggestions for ways we can
continue to provide a publication that’s pertinent,
educational and entertaining.
Until next month…
Lyle Fitzsimmons
Vice President, Editorial
Business View Magazine
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