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140 Business View - November 2014
Q: At what point, after starting a business, do you
finally feel comfortable?
A: Starting a business from scratch like that is hair-
raising. I don’t think the country understands the risk
small business takes. Certainly Congress doesn’t un-
derstand it and nobody in government understands it.
Very few bankers understand it. It is so big it’s over-
You understand that you have a risk, but you really
don’t realize just how choppy the water is until you get
into it. There are many sleepless nights and there are
many 2 a.m. walks back and forth in the kitchen with
a cup of coffee.
I would say it took at least a year before I felt anywhere
close to comfortable that we just might actually stay
Q: Do those walks still occur even now?
A: I think every businessman has at least a once a
week 3 a.m. wake-up with a panic attack. The demons
aren’t nearly as bad at 7 in the morning as they are at
3. I don’t think that ever quits for any small business
person. It may not quit even for even a major CEO. I
don’t think people realize just how vulnerable you are
Mike Johnston
Owner, Mason Wireless Solutions Ltd.
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