February 2017 | Business View Magazine

54 55 S ACWireless LLC, of Chicago, Illinois, a firm that develops and imple- ments network infrastructure for the country’s telecom companies, was originally founded as Site Acquisition Consultants in 1996. Its first contract was with AT&TWireless. “At the time, the indus- try was very different, very specialized in the form of deployment services,” says com- pany President and CEO, Bill Koziel. “And Site Acquisitions quickly grew to become one of the premier leasing, zoning, and permitting firms in the U.S.” The company soon expanded its clientele to include Sprint, Verizon, and a number of other, smaller players, while moving beyond Chicago and into the southeast and west. “By 1998-99, the company also began to include site development services, architec- tural and engineering management (A&E), and construction management, where they weren’t performing the services, but were managing subcontractors on behalf of their SAC Wireless SACWireless Building your network