February 2017 | Business View Magazine

52 53 in the local community is key to building the kinds of relationships that often turn into con- tracts. “We attend many charity events in town and we get our hands dirty helping out with some of the local organizations,” he says. “So, in terms of our brand, we’re recognized in the com- munity as a company that helps to support it. I don’t look at that as necessarily a marketing tac- tic, but it helps us gain some opportunities. Be- yond that, we’re networking constantly; whether it’s meeting with bankers, other business owners, insurance folks, or past clients.We have a fairly large fleet of vehicles which are branded really nicely.We have some large job trailers and job signage that support our brand. But, in terms of DeLeers Construction, Inc. Preferred vendors n Bill Biese Masonry www.billbiesemasonry.com n Dart Plastering www.dartplastering.com n Meulemans Brothers Electric meulemansbrothers@yahoo.com dumping a lot of dollars into marketing, I can’t say that we do.” Jim believes that the family-run company will continue to grow–perhaps by another 25 percent within the next five years. “Some of that growth will come from increased market share,” he states.“We will grow a little bit on the indus- trial sector; we will continue to grow our market space for clinics; and we will continue to grow our residential market space along with commercial and residential renovations.And we’ll grow a little internally by adding some self-perform aspects - some concrete flatwork, some concrete poured walls; we will be self-performing some of our pre-engineered steel erection and some of our excavation and earthwork.” What likely won’t change in the DeLeers uni- verse is the firm’s total commitment to its in- ternal processes. “Our team and our people are riveted to protocol,” Jim exclaims. “We believe in process and communication, internally and ex- ternally. From the sales side to the point where we hand over the keys, we follow a process that makes it easy and enjoyable for the buyer and also makes it streamlined and efficient for us as a general contractor.We work on our protocol all the time. Our objective is to have raving cli- ents.We believe that if you’re employee-centric, that ultimately equals being customer-centric. If you treat your employees right, your employees are going to take care of your clients. That’s a key piece of our business.” People and process. It’s a way of life at DeLeers Construction. 920-833-2618 n 920-680-6095 n biesemasonry@yahoo.com www.billbiesemasonry.com With over 30 years of experience in the masonry business, you receive the very finest stone and brick work available with Bill Biese and his experienced employees. Specializing in unique custom masonry in the building of fireplaces and exterior brick and stone work, their mission is to do the best job possible and to completely satisfy their customers. n New residential n Outdoor n Interior Masonry n Fireplace/Chimney n Remodeling bill biese masonry