50% of B2B Sales Professionals Saw Their Workloads Increase During the Pandemic, New Survey Reveals

April 1, 2021
50% of B2B Sales Professionals

“The New Normal: B2B Sales and Digital Transformation 2021 Survey” examines the impact of remote working on B2B sales teams one year later

Groove, the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce®, recently unveiled the results of a new industry survey examining the impact of remote work on B2B sales teams in the United States. The survey of 765 sales professionals found that the impact of COVID-19 has created long-lasting challenges for revenue teams, including increased workload and fears generated by an uncertain economic outlook.

Forty-two percent of respondents indicate that customer churn from organizations impacted by COVID-19 is the biggest challenge facing their revenue team in 2021, followed by impacted sales budgets. To compound matters, it is clear that most sales teams won’t be returning to a pre-COVID selling environment anytime soon. Less than 6% of those surveyed are taking in-person meetings today and over 60% of respondents indicated that they won’t resume in-person meetings until the fourth quarter of this year or 2022 and beyond.

“One year into our nationwide shutdown, it has become apparent that widespread remote work is here to stay,” said Chris Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of Groove. “The B2B sales landscape has changed dramatically, with industries that have been slower to adopt technology embracing digital transformation as a result. Companies are leaning into the uncertain economic outlook and are embracing the reduced costs and productivity gains that they’ve achieved over the past year with automation.”

Over 50% of respondents said their workloads have increased post COVID-19, while only 2% have seen a decrease in their workload. With this shift to remote work and increase in workload, nearly 50% of respondents have increased use of sales automation technology to help with this ‘new normal.’

The top three sales technologies used by respondents to work more effectively are: CRM systems (87%), web conferencing tools (84%) and sales engagement platforms (75%). These three areas outperformed all others, including sales enablement platforms, conversational intelligence, data sources, sales readiness platforms, social networks, and remote collaboration tools.

As a result of this accelerated digital transformation, over 55% of respondents said that they are more productive with remote working, with over 81% indicating they have either delivered or outperformed on their goals as a result. Download the full report.

About Groove

Groove is the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce, specializing in ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, and cross-team collaboration. Built for the needs of full-cycle sellers, Groove automates non-sales activities so that pre- and post-sales reps can spend more time building relationships and generating revenue. On average, Groove gives revenue teams 20% of their time back to focus on higher-value activities. Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture can be customized to align with industry-specific workflows while ensuring more accurate reporting and forecasting, lower compliance risk, and streamlined administration. To learn more, visit groove.co.

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