Business View Magazine September 2018

160 161 capacity rake plate was designed to meet upcom- ing, new ACSE-7 standards and edge/corner zones building codes for all standing seam metal roof manufacturers. Rodden is quick to explain that BRS, itself, does not do any manufacturing. The company has a network of thirty- three manufacturing companies which have purchased panel systems licenses. “We’ve done all the design, the product manuals, and supplied the technological data including the testing– everything that they need in order to meet certain specifications and FM/ UL codes,” he says. “The license holders, per the license agree- ment, need to purchase equipment that meet the very specific design criteria for the panel lines. Licensees are required to purchase the patented clips and ancillary accessories from certain strate- gic partners – the stamping companies - to get their required system-specific designed and tested com- ponents.” Those strategic partners are, likewise, held to closely-monitored, tight tolerances regarding the equipment they employ in the manufacture of BRS de- sign required components. “One of the things we like to do on the front end when a licensee has joined our program, is to work very closely with the roll forming manu- facturers that manufacture the equipment which the licensee is going to roll the panel with,” adds Trey Herren, Vice President & General Manager. CODY RODDEN PRESIDENT “We’re able to help with their quality control to make sure they’re rolling the panel the way we designed it.We sign off on the panel system as it’s being manufactured - as they’re building the equipment for our licensees.We ensure that the panel is being run to our specifications before it ever hits the licensee’s floor to be part of their manufacturing process.We control the dies on the stamp clips that are integral to the design of the roof system, so that we can control the quali- ty of the clips, as well, which is very important.” “We go in and inspect it when it is being man- ufactured, as well as when they get it delivered,” Rodden says. “We’ll come in and do an onsite inspection to ensure that the quality is consistent, whether you buy it from ABC manufacturer or XYZ manufacturer –quality and performance must be there, regardless who is manufacturing it. That’s how we make sure that what we tested, what is built, and what we designed is what’s out there in the field, so we can tell an architect, or especially an owner, that what they received is the highest performing, longest-lasting, and most weather- BUILDING RESEARCH SYSTEMS