Business View Magazine | October 2020

24 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 their employees. The SEAA Craft Training Recognition Awards feature companies who have developed exceptional training for their ironworkers. These companies are playing critical roles in the development of ironworker craft professionals at a time when trade worker shortages are at an all-time high. SEAA holds an annual convention and tradeshow, which is an opportunity for members to network and find solutions to shared challenges. The convention features insightful speakers, expert advice, educational workshops and sessions, and hands-on demonstrations. Attendees take home valuable information, new connections, and proven strategies to promote their businesses. “Unfortunately, our convention was cancelled this past year due to COVID-19,” Underhill reports. “We’re making every effort we can to maintain next year’s convention April 28-30, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. Hopefully, the pandemic will be behind us by then.” Meanwhile, Underhill notes that SEAA’s quarterly Board of Director and committee meetings, are happening remotely, which has enabled greater member participation “COVID-19 has also exposed the need for more online learning opportunities. The future is going to be training with videos,” he states. “It’s happening faster now than it would have, had we not gone through the pandemic.” “When it comes to safety, ignorance is not an excuse, Underhill says, in conclusion. “If you don’t know, SEAA can help. We produce and sell the publications, videos, and certification programs you need to run a safe, smart operation. SEAA has an interest in serving the whole industry, and we are willing to share with anyone at a minimal cost. We aren’t looking for accolades. Our Board members are all volunteers. They are really helping the industry and–they love what they’re doing. This is a great group. Together, we’re filling a need and making a difference.”