Business View Magazine | October 2020

23 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2020 STEEL ERECTORS ASSOC I AT ION OF AMER I CA national trade magazine focused on issues relevant to erector execs, managers, and operations personnel. The SEAA website, with a new job board, monthly eNewsletters, and social media platforms keep the steel erector community informed about emerging regulations, technologies, and safety issues relevant to the $8 billion industry. SEAA also sponsors a series of annual awards, including Project of the Year Awards in four categories: Erection Contract of up to $500,000; Erection Contract of $500,000 to $1 Million; Erection Contract of $1 Million to $2.5 Million; and Erection Contract of $2.5 Million and above. In addition, there are awards for safety excellence and craft training. The SEAA Safety Excellence Awards are presented to steel erection companies who go above and beyond in the effort to provide their ironworkers a safe place to work. These companies are proactive in their safety mindset and, when compared to their steel erection peers, excel at protecting into project management, site safety, and other leadership positions.” Kress also wants to see SEAA’s membership increase. “There is likely less than 1,200 structural steel erection firms in the U.S., but as a specialty contractor group, we serve a unique need in the construction process. This organization brings together both small and large companies. The culture is one where best practices are shared in a way that improves the industry as a whole.” He continues, “I’d also like to see the membership numbers increase among fabricators. Strong working relationships between fabricators and erectors is essential to improving productivity on the job. The Association provides a prime networking opportunity for fabricators.” Underhill, SEAA’s Executive Director since 2012, is also a past president of the association. In addition to administering the SEAA/ NCCER Ironworker Craft Training program, the Association produces Connector, a quarterly,