Business View Magazine - October 2018

346 347 Hasan: “We see an immense amount of opportunities in this market because we’re in the midst of a societal evolution in terms of cannabis use. I wouldn’t confuse or conflate the legalization efforts that are hap- pening now with the justification rationale for cannabis becoming far more front and center. I believe it is cannabis consumption and views having matured that’s driven the legalization of cannabis, not the other way around. “Cannabis is an interesting substance that can help manage your stress, your mental situation, in ways that are very powerful when used in mod- eration. Cannabis is actually much more consistent with the growing mil- lennial mindset than caffeine. It’s something I’m truly passionate about and it’s why I’m running a cannabis company. I believe it has a really strong future ahead; where people realize they can lead, in some cases, a better, more fulfilling and productive life with cannabis than without it.” CANNAROYALTY CORPORATION PREFERRED VENDORS n Advanced Business Interiors For over 25 years Advanced Business Interiors has made space work by providing quality new and remanufactured office furniture to the marketplace. With extensive knowledge of workstyles our team will create a customized solution within your timeframe and budget. We provide a complete suite of integrated services including design, installation, service, storage and rental. n Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is the premier gath- ering of cannabis entrepreneurs and investors in North America. Alan Brochstein, founder at New Cannabis Ventures, calls it “the best investor conference the industry has seen to date.” Find out why and pre-register for 2019 at