Business View Magazine - October 2018

328 329 PINNACLE FREIGHT YOUR TRUCKLOAD PROVIDER A market with 2 million tractor-trailers, 1.2 million trucking companies, and over 3 million truck drivers is, undoubtedly, a market with consumer options. It is also, in the eyes of President andCEO,MichaelRav- allo,ofPinnacleFreightof Florence,NewJersey,anopportunitytobuild anicheoperationthat showsnosignsofplateauinganytimesoon. Since takingover thecompanyin2010,Ravallohasdirectedand overseentheevolutionof asmall truckbrokerage intoamulti-faceted truckingcompanyspecializing intemperature-controlledandhazard- ousmaterials.Afterbeingrecognizedbybusiness journalNJBIZasone ofNewJersey’s50FastestGrowingCompanies threeyears ina row, PinnacleFreight continues toprove itself asa topchoiceamongtrans- portationconsumers.Today,the firmboasts 100 employees,access to over 60 trucks through lease or for-hire agreements,and a network