Business View Magazine l November 2022

186 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 N IU Health founder Dr. Tony Trpkovski, fondly known as Dr. T in Hawaii, has been a doctor for the last thirty years, with twenty spent in Hawaii. He knows all too well the effects the high cost of healthcare can have on people and communities. “A good number of people in Hawaii either don’t have health insurance or have Medicaid, which limits their healthcare options,” he says. “Most opt to go to the ER because it’s the only place they can get medical care, which is not always necessary.” With technological advances accelerating and transforming various industries, Dr. T wondered how to deploy technologies already in use in social media and other sectors to the healthcare industry to lower costs while simultaneously increasing accessibility. That is when he decided to start NIU Health. AT A GLANCE NIU HEALTH AND DOCTORS OF WAIKIKI WHAT: An online medical service that puts the patient in the driving seat WHERE: Waikiki, Hawaii with other branches throughout the islands WEBSITE: Providing online support to revolutionize medical delivery options