Business View Magazine November-December 2018

276 277 M errimak Capital Company, LLCwas founded in 1991 and is based in Novato, California,with operations in Oregon,Massachusetts,Ohio, South- ern California, Canada, and Mexico.The company provides global equipment leasing, asset resale services, and fleet management solutions to large corporations,worldwide.“We were estab- lished as an asset resale company focused on IT equipment,” says President and CEO,Mary Kar- iotis.“We began our leasing services in ’96 and completely restructured the company in 2008 to focus serving the Fortune 500 and the like as a WBENC-certified,woman-owned company. In 2009,we brought on several Fortune 100 com- panies with whomwe originated hundreds of millions of dollars in new business, and who are still active customers, today. Over the past ten years, we have added well over a hundred Fortune 500 and the like, and consis- tently find ourselves as the preferred provider for nearly every account we serve.” Merrimak offers its large corporate clients a portfolio of four main services: Equipment Leas- ing,Asset Resale, Fleet Management and Asset MARY KARIOTIS CEO EQUIPMENT LEASING AND ASSET RECOVERY CAPITAL COMPANY, LLC MERRIMAK