Business View Magazine November-December 2018

274 275 PREFERRED VENDOR n Epson As the #1-selling projector manufacturer world- wide, Epson delivers comprehensive projector and display solutions that enhance communication and inspire collaboration. Our breakthrough solutions feature outstanding image quality, a low total cost of ownership, and excellent reliability and service. own the equipment; they will rent the equipment and it’s our job to keep it up, keep it refreshed and serviced,” Henry adds. “That’s a model that some clients prefer.” Another facet of Cenero’s continuing success is its dedication to its core values. “When you’re growing and hiring as fast as we are, having everybody on the same page with the same core values is really important,” Henry avers. “We spend lots of time and money looking for peo- ple. If we find somebody who meets our criteria, even if we don’t have an open position, we’ll try and find one for that person. Things like integ- rity, emotional intelligence, natural intelligence, ability to learn - there are certain key parameters that we are looking for in all of our employees. So, hiring is a strong focus. It’s always been the challenge –finding good people. Right now, it’s nigh on impossible. So, you have to grow them. We hire people throughout the country, no matter where they’re located and we figure out how to make it work remotely.” Whatever systems, services, or models a client may prefer, as a complete solutions and services company, Cenero has managed to supply it and intends to keep on doing so. “We continue im- proving, adding bells and whistles and features to our managed service offering,” Henry says. “One of our focuses is the ‘meeting life cycle’ or the ‘meet- ing ecosystem.’What I mean by that is pre-meet- ing, in-meeting, and post-meeting. Pre-meeting is how you schedule meetings, how you get your technology ready for the meetings, making sure that everything works, making sure that every- CENERO body’s on the same page. In-meeting is making sure things are launched and ready to go; that you’re able to do the things you need to do to make the meeting suc- cessful. Post-meeting is taking the pulse, doing surveys, making sure the meeting was successful, and using that feedback to go forward.” Henry’s plan for Cenero, going forward, is to continue growing the business. “We have a number of new loca- tions we’re ready to spin up,” he says. “We’ll continue to expand geographically in places where we can bring value. And we’ll continue to develop our managed services offering and build the symbiotic relationship between our design/build integration services and man- aged services. So, I don’t worry about competition, too much; I worry more about things we can control –our deliverables and how we do it.We’ll continue down a path of more and more services, more and more integra- tion with client applications, and making it simpler and easier to fully use and leverage these technologies. It’s a constant process. It’s tying all that stuff together.”