Business View Magazine November-December 2018

270 271 Pro L Series Laser Projectors EPSON is a registered trademark and EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Copyright 2018 Epson America, Inc. Engage your audience in ways you’ve never imagined. Whether your need is for high-brightness large venue projection or well-lit interactive white boarding – or everything in between – Epson uniquely understands that every presentation is an opportunity to enhance the viewer’s experience. That’s why we offer a full range of breakthrough projection solutions for corporate and higher education, all with the outstanding image quality, reliability and service that’s made Epson the #1 selling projector brand worldwide. UNLEASH THE POWER OF EPSON LASER PROJECTION CENERO tive, we can really help this company grow.When you take what they have and combine it with what we bring to the table, there’s a strong value proposition that will be good for our clients in New Jersey.” Cenero has two basic business units. One is a design/build systems integration unit, which designs, builds, installs, and services media con- ferencing systems in training rooms, conference rooms, class rooms, and board rooms. The second group, which is symbiotic with the design/build team, is a managed services division. “It’s basically software development and services,” Henry ex- plains. “It’s kind of like OnStar for cars - a lot more functionality for these audio visual and video conferencing systems.We have a product called Constant Connect, which allows us to test and make sure everything in these systems is working as it should. In fact, our software will generally know when something has gone wrong, before the client does.” “We have a suite of ‘proactive tests,’” Henry continues, “which means that every night, local time, we go in and there’s a series of tests that physically exercise every piece of equipment in the room or in that system– it launches calls, we look at metrics, we look at connection speed, we’ll display an image up on a screen or a monitor, and there’s a digital picture taken of that image, and then it’s analyzed automatically to make sure it’s working right. We look at microphone and speak- er levels to make sure that everything’s working. “Then we have a suite of products called ‘reac- tive tests’ which is more like monitoring; it looks Today’s corporations and universities demand accessible and reliable technology that supports organizational effectiveness and meets ever-expanding infrastructure needs for the future. At Epson, we have 40 years of experience developing breakthrough solutions that broaden learning experiences and promote collaboration. Whether you are searching for powerful, high-brightness projectors for large lecture halls, corporate boardrooms, and event centers; state-of-the-art laser displays; or bright classroom projectors, Epson’s visual solutions engage viewers in ways never before imagined. We understand that each classroom and boardroom presents a unique opportunity to impact and heighten the viewers’ experience, which is why our comprehensive lineup includes solutions for virtually any business or instructional need. As you evaluate and plan for the years ahead, you can count on Epson to deliver corporate and education solutions that offer outstanding ROI, tremen- dous scalability, solid reliability, and easy integration with existing infrastructure and systems.