Business View Magazine November-December 2018

268 269 “H ow many times have you been in a conference room and you go to use something and it doesn’t work? Or you don’t know how to use it? Or you can’t get the image up? Or you don’t have a directory to find the number to call? There are a million things that happen all the time. Our job is to make sure they don’t happen and that the stuff is ready to go when you need it to. Part of the challenge with these technologies is that tradition- ally they could be tough to use and maybe not as reliable as they should be. Our job is to make it like picking up a phone –you do it and it works.” So says Chris Henry, CEO of Cenero, the compa- ny he founded in 1999 as a service-focused, audio visual, unified communications and IT solutions company, and which, today has approximately 210 employees, after the recent acquisition of Avectus in north- ern New Jersey, which like Cenero, specializes in delivering the highest level of audio visual, videoconferencing, and multimedia equip- ment and services for physical and virtual meetings for organizations. “Avectus was a growing company that caught our attention,” says Henry. “We found it very attractive. They have strong managers, are a good cultural fit with us, have built a terrific client base, and are located in a very strong market.What Cenero has, from a technology and managed services perspec- SIGHT, SOUND, SUCCESS AT A GLANCE CENERO WHAT: A unified communications and IT solutions company WHERE: Malvern, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: