Business View Magazine November-December 2018

156 157 SPECIALISTS IN VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES CONSARC CORPORATION C onsarc Corporation may have been around since 1962, but its dedication to engineering inno- vations has made it today’s leader in advanced vacuum technologies.“Our founder,Henry Rowan, a graduate of MIT, electrical engineer, industrialist, philan- thropist, and entrepreneur wove his dedication to techno- logical advancements throughout generations of Consarc employees–and we’re still constantly looking to develop groundbreaking technologies that will help our customers operate faster, safer, and more efficiently,” says Michael List- er, Consarc’s Director of Business Development. “As Henry Rowan said,‘I hadn’t gone into business to do things the way everyone else did them. I wanted to do them better. Every job, every concept and detail represented the challenge to do something that had never been done before.’” In fact, Consarc isn’t the only company operating under Henry Rowan’s corporate principles, as it is a member of the Inductotherm Group, a worldwide collection of manufactur- ers of advanced technologies, products, and systems for the induction heating and transformation of metals, specialty