Business View Magazine November-December 2018

158 159 CONSARC CORPORATION alloys, and engineered materials. Consarc manufactures vacuum and controlled atmosphere melting and casting equipment for industries such as aerospace, power generation, automotive, and biomedical. These industries use Consarc furnaces to refine alloys and cast parts–su- peralloys for aeroengine and industrial gas turbine blades, vanes and discs; specialty steels for aircraft structures and landing gear; and titanium for aircraft structures, aeroengines, sporting goods, and medical implants. “These industries have incredibly precise specifications when it comes to their requirements –they use expensive and volatile elements such as nickel, chromium, niobium, and titaniumwhich molecularly form the strongest metals, but also require controlled atmospheres when molten,” explains Lister. “The controlled atmosphere keeps the elements where they should be, in the metal, and not forming oxides and other non-desirable states of metal. Once the metal is chemically pure, Consarc furnaces refine the macro and microstruc- ture to ensure that the metal ingots being produced are as homogenous as possible. These processes of chemical and structural uniformity are what allows airplane and aeroengine manufacturers to safely use their parts in highly demanding applications.” The first Consarc specialty furnace was developed over 40 years ago, and, today, over half the vacuum, or controlled atmosphere melting furnaces around the globe bear the Consarc name.“Our name comes from our original product -a vacuum arc remelting furnace, or a consumable arc furnace, hence cons- arc,” says Lister. “Our core product offerings are VIM, which is Vacuum Induction Melting; VAR,which is VacuumArc Remelting; ESR,which is ElectroSlag Remelting; and VPIC,which is Vacuum Precision Investment Casting. “Our typical customer is a specialty steel provider,” Lister continues.“It’s not the big name companies like U.S. Steel,Nucor, or ArcelorMittal.We work with a group of companies that most people haven’t heard of outside the industry.That includes compa- nies like Carpenter Technologies, the Precision Cast- parts Group,Arconic, and AlleghenyTechnologies –you may not have heard of them, but they are all companies that are incredibly vital to the aerospace industry, keeping us safe when we fly.” Consarc’s capabilities do not end with the design and manufacture of its products; the company also offers its customers the industry’s highest level of technical support and service based on its extensive expe- rience in installation, repairs, and field service engineering. Additionally, in some industries, melting and refining involves AT A GLANCE CONSARC CORPORATION WHAT: A leader in advanced vacuum technologies WHERE: Rancocas, New Jersey WEBSITE: