BVM June 2016 - page 98

98 Business View Magazine - June 2016
Genesee Valley Transportation
Company, Inc.
A quarter-century of progress serving the northeast
Since 1853, trains on the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western Railroad carried passengers and freight
between Buffalo, New York, and Hoboken, New Jer-
sey, with spurs to Oswego, Utica, Syracuse, and the
anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania. David Monte
Verde grew up in Dansville, New York, a small town in
the Genesee Valley, on the Lackawanna mainline. He
says that, as a young boy, he became attached to the
railroad that ran through his hometown in the western
part of the state. “I had an uncle who worked for the
railroad and my father had a taxi and limousine service
that serviced the passenger trains,” he remembers. “It
became my favorite railroad.” Little did that young boy
know that, a few decades later, he would actually be
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