BVM June 2016 - page 82

82 Business View Magazine - June 2016
Saint Louis University Office of
Sustainability and Benchmarking
A standout in its realm
The Office of Sustainability and Benchmarking man-
ages and measures the sustainability initiatives and
programs at Saint Louis University (SLU), a private, re-
search university with campuses in St. Louis, Missouri
and Madrid, Spain. As part of the Saint Louis campus
Division of Facilities Services, the Office identifies, pri-
oritizes, coordinates, and tracks campus sustainability
efforts which may include, but are not limited to, recy-
cling programs, waste reduction, alternative transpor-
tation, and energy initiatives. It works very closely with
the school’s Center for Sustainability, which awards
graduate degrees in Sustainability, Urban Planning
and Development, and Geographic Information Sci-
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