June 2018

50 51 MAR-BAL, INC. A LEADER IN COMPOSITES M ar-Bal, Inc., of Chagrin Falls Ohio, is a leading integrated com- pounder and molder of BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) Thermoset composite products, and value added finishing services. Composites are solid materials com- posed of two or more materials with different physical characteristics. Each substance inde- pendently contributes its physical properties to the combined product. Thermoset composites are blends of var- ious resins, such as polyester, isopolyester, vinylester, epoxy and phenolic, combined with inert fillers, fiber reinforcements, cata- lysts, stabilizers, release agents, thickeners, and pigments that form viscous compounds, which are injection, compression, and transfer moldable. Thermoset composites cure through heat, chemical reaction, and pressure to form an inter-linked molecular structure which permanently maintains its form and cannot be melted, reformed, or dissolved. Mar-Bal’s thermoset products are used in various indus- tries, including appliance, construction, electri- cal distribution, energy, HVAC, lighting, marine, sanitary/plumbing, and transportation. Mar-Bal was founded in 1970, and today, is a second-generation, family-owned business. Its President is Scott Balogh, and its Executive AT A GLANCE MAR-BAL, INC. WHAT: An industry leading integrated compounder and molder of BMC thermo- set composite products and value added finishing services WHERE: Chagrin Falls, Ohio WEBSITE: www.mar-bal.com