Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 2

150 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 across the U.S., the VirTower app also allows for remote access to reports that are updated by the minute. The app even has a noise abatement program that will help identify the air traffic that is making too much noise over local residents’ homes. By simply typing in an address, Kirby is able to pick up aircraft numbers. And if it’s not on the system, management can look up serial numbers on the FAA site. Lake Wales Municipal Airport is a part of the Central Florida Development Council, which is focused on bringing different entities together in order to collaborate on regional economic development. Surrounding airports in Polk County share information with each other, including business opportunities – whether it’s about clients who want to build or offering the client information about a hangar opening. “This is all thanks to the Central Florida Development Council,” says Kirby. “CFDC helps all these airports work together and they are making a POLK COUNTY TAM PA TALLAHASSEE ORLAN DO JACKSONVILLE MIAMI LAKELAND WINTERHAVEN BARTOW HAINESCITY LAKEWALES LAND YOUR BUSINESS in the CENTER of the AVIATION SUPERSTATE Polk County’s topflight infrastructure includes one international and three regional airports with acres of developable land available for aviation and non-aviation purposes. AVIATION IS GENERATING nearly $2 BILLION in ECONOMIC IMPACT 4 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS WITHIN60MILES 2 SPACEPORTS INTHESTATE OFFLORIDA 150 AIRPORTS INTHESTATE OFFLORIDA FLIGHT ACADEMIES INTHESTATE OFFLORIDA 12 For a confidential consultation, please contact Javier Marin, Vice President of Business Development at or (863) 937-4430, ext. 105 CFDC.ORG • (863) 937-4430 FLORIDA within REACH Offering industry-focused workforce talent and a pro-business tax climate, Polk County has everything your business needs to thrive. for tracking in the air. Kirby elaborates, “VirTower tells me when they land, when they take-off, where they went on the airfield, how long they stayed with the FBO, and whether or not they got fuel. With a small number of staff members this is a life-saving technology.” Other benefits of VirTower is that it can provide exact data for how many planes have landed and been stationed at the field, and at the end of the year they can provide this information straight to the FAA, all of which used to be a rough estimate. Last year, without paramotor and ultra-light activity, 10,000 aircraft landed at Lake Wales Municipal. Now rolled out at airports