Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 2

151 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 LAKE WALES MUNI C I PAL A I RPORT huge collective effort to make Florida a better place to come visit.” This collaborative thinktank is somewhat unique and allows managers to directly call each other for help and insights. Florida being prone to the effects of low lying, swampy areas, the airport’s new master plan includes drainage infrastructure, and this is being headed up by Hoyle, Tanner & Associates engineers. While there’s no real pooling on the airfield, thanks to its higher elevation, the significant amount of precipitation means that it is often water logged. Draining this water away will allow for more usable space at the airport. Future plans for Lake Wales Municipal revolve around the development of more hangars of all types on the airfield. The relatively quick return on investment is enticing for investors – with more hangars comes more business for the airfield. Looking ahead, management would like to open a business park at the airport to house aviation-related companies, as well as those in non-aviation sectors. It would provide a great revenue source. Kirby concludes, “We want to bring in everyone that has any aircraft in Lake Wales, or the surrounding area, to be involved with the airport. Bring more attention, attract more business, and encourage more visitors to come to Lake Wales Municipal Airport.”