Business View Magazine | February 2019

220 There’s more water per well,more wells per pad, and with unconventional or horizontal drilling, you don’t have the ability to put that water back in the ground for enhanced oil recovery.” “I was previously COO for a company called EnergyWater Solutions,where we were focused on the reuse of waste water for hydraulic fracturing. I learned, in that role, that it wasn’t the quality of the water that mattered; it was getting the right water to the right location at the right time. It was a huge logistics challenge and that really solidified in my mind the need for a midstream infrastructure solu- tion to the industry.” Bull: “Jim and I met when we were students at the University of Oklahoma College of Engineer- ing.We followed similar career paths in the oil and gas sector and got reacquainted when he did some consulting for a company I was working for. Eventu- ally, that led to us forming our own company. But we didn’t want to be the 93rd private-equity-backed traditional midstream company out there.We both saw the vision that water was the next important commodity needing a logistics solution. I don’t think we could have been more right.We launched the LLC in April 2016, acquired first assets in June 2017, and we’ve got a line of sight to quadruple the com- pany in the next sixmonths.”