Business View Magazine | February 2019

219 H 2 O MIDSTREAM CARE OF OUR MOST CRITICAL NATUR L RESOURCE H 2 O Midstream LLCwas founded on the vision that water should be treated as a commodity, not a waste. Led by an executive teamwith over 120 years of collective midstream experience,H 2 O Midstream partners with producers, landowners, and other stakeholders to improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of water operations while lowering costs across the entire value chain.A full spectrum of midstream energy capabilities enables the company to efficientlymanage water in upstream oil and gas operations and reduce the high costs of water logistics. H 2 O Midstreamwas formed in April 2016, though the vision for the founders–Jim Summers (CEO), Darrell Bull (Executive VP& Chief Commercial Of- ficer), Gauri Potdar (Senior VP, Strategy&Analytics), and Stephen McNair (Executive VP, Permian Basin business unit) –started six years earlier,with the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fractur- ing. Recently, Business ViewMagazine spoke with Summers and Bull for an in-depth look at their company’s foray into the revolutionary realm of mid- streamwater.The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. BVM: What was the impetus behind the formation of H 2 0 Midstream? Summers: “Going from vertical to horizontal drilling and the development of hydrau- lic fracturing completely changed the way water was managed. It went from a few thousand barrels to drill a well, to hundreds of thousands, or millions, of barrels neces- sary to drill and complete a well.And on the produced water side–whenever you drill a well you get natural gas, oil, and water.The amount of waste water coming back, in addition to the water used to drill and complete the wells, has changed exponentially. AT A GLANCE H 2 0 MIDSTREAM LLC WHAT: Midstream water infrastructure and logistics for the oil and gas industry WHERE: Houston, Texas WEBSITE: