February 2017 | Business View Magazine

96 97 IRON TRIBE FITNESS IRON TRIBE FITNESS It is estimated that almost 58 million Americans are members of a gym or health club and that together, they spend over $75 billion a year at over 30,000 establish- ments. One of the relative newcomers to this burgeoning industry is Iron Tribe Fitness, founded by Forrest Walden in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2010. Today, Iron Tribe is one of the fastest-growing gyms in America, with over 7,000 customers in 40 locations in 14 states. “I was a franchisee of an- other fitness concept called Fitness Together,” Forrest re- counts. “I owned and operated Fun, fast, and fit AT A GLANCE IRON TRIBE FITNESS WHAT: A boutique, micro-gym offering group classes and workouts WHERE: Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama WEBSITE: www.irontribe fitness.com