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224 225 buildings and a host of shopping options. And, of course, there’s Mac the Moose. Born in 1984, the brainchild of former tourism sup- porters from the city,Mac stands 32 feet tall and weighs 10 tons.Mac was constructed by Saskatoon artist,Don Foulds, using a steel frame, covered with metal mesh, and completed with 4 coats of cement.As Moose Jaw’s most famous celebrity,Mac remains one of the most photo- graphed roadside attractions in Canada. The ‘Friendly City’ lives up to its nickname in all aspects – from hospitality to shopping and entertainment options. Over the past five years, more and more investors have been looking at Moose Jaw as a gem on the prairies and an ideal location to build, expand and to do more business. ed to be an underground steam system but the plan was abandoned. The tunnels were then used as living areas by Chinese railway workers hiding from authorities and later still as con- duits for illegal rum-running during Prohibition in the United States. “The history is that one point in time, Al Capone ran liquor out of here when things got tough in the States,” Noble relates. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw attraction opened in 2000. Moose Jaw is also home to the Moose Jaw Warriors, an award-winning team in the West- ern Hockey League. Local Warrior games are played at the state-of-the-art Mosaic Place in downtown Moose Jaw. The modern facility has also hosted a number of big names such as Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, comedian Jeff Dunham, and most recently,Marianas Trench. Just a short drive outside city limits is the Ca- nadian Air Forces Base 15Wing and the home of the Snowbirds, officially known as the CF 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the center of Royal Ca- nadian Air Force aircrew training.The Snowbirds show team puts on aerobatic performances whose purpose is to “demonstrate the skill, professional- ism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel.” Moose Jaw also has Casino Moose Jaw,which sports both a gaming floor and the Mae Wilson Performing Arts Theatre, as well as the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, named one of the world’s Top Ten Spas for Mineral Springs. In addition, downtown Moose Jaw has many historical Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Delta, British Columbia, Canada n 604-946-7688 WE SUPPLY ALL OF YOUR MUNICIPAL WASTE WATER TREATMENT NEEDS IN FRP. In business since 1982 www.chemposite.com Preferred vendors n L & I Electric li.electric@shaw.ca n Cypress Paving (1976) Ltd. www.cypressltd.ca n Chemposite Inc. www.chemposite.com