February 2017 | Business View Magazine

134 135 Bennington, Vermont B ennington, Vermont is a town of approximately 15,000, locat- ed on the far southwestern tip of the Green Mountain State. Vermont’s first town, it was originally chartered in 1749, by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth and was named in his honor. It is known in particular for the Battle of Bennington which took place in August 1777, during the Revolu- tionary War. A rebel force led by General John Stark, and reinforced by Vermont militiamen led by Colonel Seth Warner and members of the Green Mountain Boys, decisively de- feated a detachment of British General John Burgoyne’s army, contributing to his eventual surrender at Saratoga in October. The Ben- nington Battle Monument, a popular tourist attraction, was dedicated in 1891. The 306- foot high stone obelisk is the tallest man- Moving forward Bennington, Vermont