February 2017 | Business View Magazine

110 111 B2B sales, because they can use their existing skill set to build their studios’ reach in their area. SpeedPro is very at- tractive to executive managers and profes- sionals coming out of the corporate world, because they get to engage with other business owners and business management folks that speak the same language.” Katsnelson agrees. “We want business own- ers that have a management mentality - that know how to do customer service very well. That’s who we want to attract,” he says. “We differentiate ourselves based on the way we attack the mar- ket. I say attack, because we do it very system- atically. So we find franchisees that have that mentality. The roster includes general managers “The other piece is that we do quite a bit of work on a wholesale basis,” Katsnelson con- tinues. Franchisees are encouraged to partner with small format printers in their area who may be doing brochures, business cards, fliers, etc.When a retail customer comes to their store asking for something that may be beyond their capabilities, but in the realm of SpeedPro’s services, they now welcome those projects by working with their local SpeedPro Imaging stu- dio, and taking a markup. “Some of our locations do anywhere from 20 to 80 percent of their business in a wholesale type of relationship, which is quite unique in the industry,” Katsnel- son says. So, when vetting prospective franchisees, Ryan Reeves, Vice President of Franchise Sales stresses business acumen and management skills over printing experience. “They are going to hire certain skill sets into their studio–pro- duction managers who have knowledge of large format graphics and graphic design. So, we wouldn’t necessarily need to attract some- one who has been in this industry,” he says. “But, because our focus is Business-to-Business, the owner is going to be involved in the market- place, networking and building relationships with other executives and business owners.We are looking for a marketing or sales executive or maybe someone in business development or SpeedPro Imaging www.corebridgesoftware.com Powerful and Secure. No software. No hardware. No IT expense. n Reduce estimating time & errors n Track proofs & design n Manage job workflow n Accounting integration n Access anywhere - cloud based n Automatically communicate with customers