February 2017 | Business View Magazine

10 11 opening lines by the most advanced high throughput, in-load and out-load equipment, as well as best-in- class automation technology and related sys- tems. In servicing Genesis customers throughout the Prairies and even up into British Columbia’s Peace Country, the SuperCenter has been designed to directly load and unload rail cars. A competitive advantage that the invested owners of Genesis, FNA, and AgraCity feel confident will attract the respect and long-term support from partnering rail providers, given the deep roots of the opera- tion to the farming community. Jason Mann, President, AgraCity, spoke to the sophistication of the Genesis SuperCenter model: “Thinking beyond the investment, farm- ers recognize they needed to become a part of something special. A mechanism of incredible innovation and design, working to their benefit by providing a multi-dimensional return in the form of savings (lower fertilizer and related input costs), earnings (retail sales to customers), and equity (reaping the reward of ownership).” The Genesis value proposition is founded on its ability to accrue retail margins for invested farm business owners. Future development intends to complement this reward with the distribution of nitrogen fertilizer manufactured by the proposed ProjectN plant once it comes on line. “Genesis is an excellent opportunity for our farm to invest in a fertilizer company and real- ize the profit from one of our biggest expenses on the farm” states Doug Heaman a Genesis investor from Virden, Manitoba. Also involved is Brad Levorson, a FNA member and Genesis investor from Cabri, Saskatchewan, who was part of the selection process and had this to say. “Being a part of Genesis allows me to capture a return from the marketplace by being both an owner and a customer. To me, that is what I was missing all along.” U.S. Operators Plan Major Drilling Boost as Industry Shakes off Downturn The North American upstream industry is set to stage a comeback, according to new data presented by World Oil, the premier trade publication for the international upstream industry. According to proprietary survey data, gathered from U.S. operators, U.S. state agencies and international petroleum ministries/departments,World Oil forecasts the following for 2017: n U.S. drilling will jump 26.8 percent higher, to 18,552 wells. n U.S. footage will increase 29.8 percent, to 151.5 MMft of hole. n U.S. Gulf of Mexico E&P activity, focused on deep-