Business View Magazine Dec-2022

16 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 12 With this in mind, the company slowly began to shift toward the cabinet-making model, focusing on building the brand as a maker of quality cabinets. “We used the analogy of the plane that is landing slowly while the other plane is taking off,” says Drapeau. “It took 10 years to have the component plane hit the ground. 12 years ago, 70% of our revenues were components, and now we’re at zero since 2019. When the plane hit the ground, and during that time, the cabinet side saw 500% growth. So, that was a good move.” Part of Miralis’ commitment to innovation is also evident in their 36 product evolutions per year promise. “This is not a huge innovation, it’s just evolving in line with what ourclients are asking for,” says Drapeau. As all clients are business-to- business dealers, who are designing, reselling, and installing the products, the company relies on feedback from them to make these changes and improvements. Building 2 new innovations per year is another part of the promise to clients. “An innovation is something that is kind of a wow, plus can help them to generate volume to generate success,” he asserts. Every three years, the company takes things a step further, adding a bold innovation that Drapeau says is meant to disrupt the industry in North America. He conveys, “It is something like an invention, something that maybe doesn’t exist here, or exists, but is not really successful. So, we’re inventing it.” Most recently, Miralis partnered with Fenix, a laminate manufacturer from Italy. “Durability is the keyword. The material itself helps us to offer products AT A GLANCE MIRALIS WHAT: Manufacturers of high-end kitchen cabinet solutions WHERE: Saint Anaclet, Quebec WEBSITE: ship,