Business View | December 2022

15 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 12 or more than 45 years Miralis has been a manufacturer of high-end kitchen cabinets. Based out of Saint-Anaclet, in the province of Quebec, the company takes innovation and quality seriously and is a well-known name in Canada, and throughout the industry. With a focus on European style, each Miralis kitchen is one of a kind,with materials that are meant to stand the test of time. Innovation is at the heart of the company, and a part of its mission, which is why twelve years ago Miralis changed its direction, taking a bold step that has brought much growth and success. CEO Daniel Drapeau explains, “We were making components for other cabinet makers, and we were also making our own kitchens in parallel to that. We had two kinds of business models at the time, but the core business was components, and the one that was growing was cabinets. It was difficult to innovate just with components.” F M I RAL I S : Quality, workmansh and sophistication meet unbeatable kitchen standards