Business View Magazine | December 2019

19 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 P lease provide a brief overview of your company, the service you provide/product you make, and the main audience you serve. Founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to improving the quality of language education, DynEd’s blended approach combines the best of both teachers and technology. I joined the company in 1996 and was eager to drive the overall strategy and direction for DynEd. The company is built around a brain-based learning theory that is a breakthrough in English language learning. With over 9 million active users, DynEd courses are designed to be used in a blended learning environment, along with teachers and classroom support. Now, after more than 30 years of results, we have the world’s most comprehensive lineup DynEd With CEO, Ian Adam of award-winning, technology-based, English language teaching (ELT/ESL) solutions and in 2017, created NexGen English Online Co, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DynEd operating independently. 1. Did you ever explore VC or other equity funding? If so, explain why you did not move forward with that option? We were in the process of reinventing ourselves for the rapid shift to mobile and had been searching the market for different funding opportunities. Since most of our revenues are from outside the U.S., that can somewhat limit us when it comes to finding the right funding solution for our business model. We decided against venture capital and other equity options because we wanted to maximize our valuation after our development. Revenue-based financing allows us to capitalize on our existing revenues while pursuing new business opportunities. 2. What were your original goals with the funding from Decathlon Capital?