Business View Magazine | December 2019

18 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 BUS INESS GROWTH that the revenue-based funding market has grown 10x over the last decade and in Q1 2019, Decathlon Capital announced the largest revenue-based financing fund in U.S. history with over $500 million in funding available to support growth-focused companies. Based on the recent momentum in the market, revenue- based funding approaches are likely to become a much more common approach to addressing the chronic challenge that many small business owners face when seeking growth capital. Like any financial landscape, different revenue-based investors tend to focus on different geographies or market segments so a small business owner should do some homework to evaluate different options and capital source providers to find the right partner. For the following four companies (DynEd, Provengo, Redline Steel, Strategic Risk Associates), revenue-based financing was the key to the growth and ultimate success of their businesses. These company founders and CEOs were looking for growth funding without any dilution, and this alternative funding source was the perfect fit for them. Revenue-based financing is an emerging area of the market that you are certain to hear more about in the future. Credited to John Borchers, Decathlon Capital