Business View Magazine | December 2018

34 35 NATIONWIDE BOILER INC. the company’s history was in NewYork City after 9/11,where Nationwide supplied boilers to Con Edison at Ground Zero to help heat lower Manhat- tan after a 20-inch steam line was severed by the towers’ collapse. The company utilizes a number of resources for the promotion of its products and services to end-users. Chelsey Ryker, Nationwide Boiler’s Marketing Manager, notes,“We attend many trade shows, conferences, and other industry events throughout the year, almost on a monthly basis. Ulti- mately,we are exhibiting at, and attending, these in- dustry events to promote our company to end-users, network with new and past customers and vendors, and gain insight into the current marketplace.” Additional marketing initiatives include trade journal advertising, providing feature content for industrymagazines, and email campaigns including newsletters, inventory lists, and product spotlights. “The past fewyears,we have been focusing more on digital marketing,”Ryker shares.“We updated our website last year to integrate all three divisions of our company–boiler rentals and sales, emissions & efficiency control, and combustion control systems. We have also spent a lot of time and resources on enhancing our SEO to ensure that we are at the top of each search engine when people are looking for rental boilers and related equipment. Looking ahead,we would like to begin focusing on educa- tional video content as a resource for our end-users.” Nationwide Boiler is proud to be an innovator in the industry, pushing the envelope and working with manufacturers to solve customer problems and bring new, innovative equipment to market.“We tend to have the latest and greatest, as far as the biggest boiler on wheels, and equipment with the lowest emissions in the country,” says Day.Nation- wide Boiler pioneered the largest trailer-mounted, saturated steam boiler at 120,000 lb/hr, and has, in recent years, branched out, bringing to market the new“world’s largest”mobile boilers, including a 125,000 lb/hr high pressure, saturated steam boil- er, and a 110,000 lb/hr high pressure, superheated steam boiler. “Being a California company,we feel we’re ahead of the curve for low emission equipment that meets not only federal standards, but California’s strict emissions standards,”he adds.“This includes both low carbon footprint and reduced greenhouse gases. You could say that we are the greenest company in the rental boiler industry.One product that we are really proud of is our CataStak selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, for NOx reduction as low as 2½ ppm.” The SCR process is similar to that of a catalytic converter,which reduces emission output from a car.On a larger scale, it is installed at the tail-end of the boiler system, gas turbine, fired heater, or other fired equipment application.The system initiates a chemical reaction within the catalyst that can reduce emissions output by over 90 percent.“As a selling point,we like to make it known that we were a user before we decided to bring it to market for permanent applications,”Day reports.“We actively used our CataStak SCR systems on the boilers in our rental fleet, proving the superior performance of the CataStak compared to ultra lowNOx burners and solidifying our presence in the market.”