Business View Magazine | December 2018

36 37 fecting the boiler industry is climate change and the push to get away from carbon-based fuels.“Fossil fuels will continue to be utilized for a long time; 95 percent of our boilers are natural gas fired,”he notes. “Even though it’s considered a clean fuel, it’s still carbon-based and produces greenhouse gases.With that said,we are constantly working to improve both the efficiency and emissions performance of our boiler systems to meet the demands of both of our customers and federal and state regulations.” Looking to the future,Day shares,“We’re a small company with a big company name, and we go by the motto,‘Integrity,Dependability, and Real Cus- tomer Service.’These values are important to us.We have a really high repeat customer base, so when we secure a customer, they typically come back.We like to think that we go toworkafter the sale.Some of our competitors do a great sales job but fall down after the sale.That’s whenwe hit the ground running.” NATIONWIDE BOILER INC. Nearly eight years ago, the company added to the development of the CataStak, introducing the am- monia-free option. Day notes,“SCR systems utilize ammonia as the standard NOx reduction reagent. However,we can now substitute the use of am- monia for a 32.5% liquid urea solution, commonly known as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).This alternate option eliminates the HAZMAT requirements that are tied with the use of ammonia, allowing custom- ers to experience the proven, superior performance of our CataStak SCR systemwithout the hassle of storing and handling ammonia. “Although we have been selling our Ammo- nia-Free CataStak for quite some time, this year we were the first rental boiler company to provide urea-based SCR systems with our units.We currently have multiple rental customers utilizing these sys- tems, and have built an inventory for future use.This is a big step in our industry, and we look forward to providing urea-based systems for manymore rental applications.” Nationwide Boiler continues to innovate and bring new products to the market.This includes its recent development, the DataStakMonitoring Sys- tem.This is a standalone device that monitors emis- sions, efficiency, and the overall carbon footprint of a boiler system in real time. Facility engineers can now have this information at their fingertips,at a fraction of the cost of traditional CEMS equipment.The DataStakwas developed about two years ago and is nowavailable for both rental and permanent use. Daybelieves the biggest challenge currently af- PREFERRED VENDORS n Umicore Catalyst USA Umicore N.V., formerly Union Minière, a company incorporated in 1906, is a multinational materials technology company headquar- tered in Brussels, Belgium. Formed by the merger of four companies in the mining and smelting industries,Umicore has since reshaped itself into a more technology-focused business, and now generates the majority of its revenues from clean technologies, such as recy- cling, emission control catalysts,materials for rechargeable batteries, and photovoltaics, as well as the manufacture of specialized prod- ucts from precious metals, cobalt, germanium,zinc, and other metals. It is ranked as one of The Global 100’s “Most Sustainable Companies in the World.” Umicore USA, Inc. offers cobalt refining,marketing of nonferrous metals and industrial chemicals, and recycling of platinum based metals.The company was incorporated in 1986 and is based in Maxton,North Carolina. n Superior Boiler  Superior Boiler manufactures a full line of firetube,watertube, and commercial boilers as well as deaerators, blowdown separators, and other ancillaryboiler roomequipment.Our products aremade in the USAand have provided efficient and reliable operation since 1917.We take great pride in the qualityof our vessels,theyare themost rugged in the industryand are built to exceed stringentASME Code standards.