Business View Magazine | April 2019

213 ED LIVING ASSOCIATION By Sally Michael, President RCFEs provide a special combination of hous- ing, personalized supportive services, and 24-hour staff designed to respond to the indi- vidual needs of those who require help with activities of daily living. These senior housing options are non-institutional, home-like set- tings that promote maximum independence and dignity for each resident and encourage family and community involvement. Services can be personalized to align with residents’ needs and preferences, and variations in size, amenities, services, and pricing enable con- sumers to choose an environment that they consider attractive, a community that meets their needs, and pricing that works for them. Quality of Life These senior living options also help promote quality of life for hundreds of thousands of California’s seniors and their families, as a 2016 study by ProMatura found. The study, commissioned by CALA, was based on respons- es to questions that were designed to deter- mine whether residents felt a sense of belong-