Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 9

99 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 9 OH LICENSE #37302 1705WAPAK AVE, SIDNEY, OHIO 45365 937-492-0871 Providing Commercial HVAC/R Service Since 1977 SHELBY COUNTY , OHIO and has also committed to two multi-million dollar bridge projects. They are also seeing an influx of housing projects in all of the county’s communities. Every village has its own small new development projects, which will add 10 to 20 homes in each area this year. The City of Sidney is also preparing for a brand new subdivision that will see an additional 200 new homes built in the area. Bornhorst shares, “I’m looking forward to more housing opportunities, so that potentially all those workers that come into the county each day can decide to live in the county, which would be great.” Shelby’s recreational amenities are also a big draw to new families looking for a place to set their roots. “Sidney’s got great parks,” Ehemann says. “But then all of our villages have worked hard to have great opportunities for kids and families – even if it’s just a walking path for our seniors. If you want to get outside, you can.” The county is currently working on completing its section of the Great Miami River Way for bicycles. Shelby County is located at the head of the Miami River and, once connected, the pathway will connect Sidney to the Ohio River. Bornhorst reports, “We have about three and a half miles to finish here. We have drawings being completed and we’ve started to reach out for money resources. Once we get that three and a half miles completed there will be 96 miles of paved trail. Our portion we are trying to complete would be along the Miami and Erie Canal, a feeder canal, so it will be very scenic and actually historic at the same time, too.” Improvements are also being made to Sidney’s downtown, which is undergoing a revitalization program.