Business View Civil and Municipal | Volume 2, Issue 9

100 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 2, ISSUE 9 want their communities to keep growing and thriving. Guillozet sums it up well, noting, “I’d really like to see our businesses continue to do well and continue to bring people into our community and keep our standard of living as high as it is now, and even higher.” PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Barrett Paving Materials Inc WWW.BARRETTPAVING.COM n Sedgwick | n Workforce Partnership of Shelby County | Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership 101 S. Ohio Ave, Fl 2 Sidney, OH 45365 937-498-9900 n Eck Refrigeration, Inc. “We’re seeing new restaurants opening up, new retail shops, and we are working on some of the greenspace downtown to make it more inviting for our community,” says Ehemann. “It’s really just a great, exciting time for us to be able to be part of all of this.” At the center of the downtown revitalization project is the Shelby County Courthouse – a French Second Empire-style building designed in 1883 by George H. Maetzel. The limestone, sandstone and marble building takes up an entire city block and is still in use today. The county commissioners spent well over $5 million to refurbish the building and it’s become the focal point of the downtown. “It’s a beautiful structure with lots of trees and grass around it and just a great opportunity to be at the center of the downtown Sidney area,” says Bornhorst. Looking to the future, the commissioners of Shelby County and the City of Sidney, above all,