Business View Civil and Municipal | May/June 2022

91 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 MANOR, TEXAS #BUILDManorStrong W hen parts of the country faced record-low temperatures in February 2021 and millions went without electricity due to the frozen power supply, the national spotlight shone on Texas as its residents rallied to inspire unity and love in the face of unprecedented circumstances. For the City of Manor (pop. 16,500), one of the faster-growing suburbs of Austin, that winter storm was an event that confirmed and fueled community pride – evident through the many expressions of growth, support, and self-sustainment that are spontaneously displayed there. In his 2022 State of the City address, Mayor Dr. Christopher Harvey shared a message of optimism and community spirit, crystallized in the campaign to #BUILDManorStrong. He spoke of Manor’s collective voice to build up a city through advocacy, partnership, and awareness-raising, and to let everyone in on “the many good things people are doing here.” But for all intents and purposes, Manor stands already in a secured position, championed and empowered by the people who call it home. AT A GLANCE MANOR, TEXAS WHAT: A progressive, 150-year-old city; population 20,000+ WHERE: Twelve miles east of Austin in Central Texas WEBSITE: