Business View Civil and Municipal | May/June 2022

90 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 and it lights up the soul at Christmastime with its unique and beautiful display. “Honestly, it’s unbelievable,” Todd says, “I get choked up every Christmas because it’s just so stunning.” Wehmeier concurs, adding, “It will bring tears to your eyes. Our downtown feels like you’re walking into a Hallmark movie or you’re coming into a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s truly breathtaking.” Looking to the future, Ennis is preparing for the increase in residents by continuing to work down a list of road resurfacing, water main and storm sewer upgrades, and giving people the total package. Although some residential areas lack high speed fiber and broadband connections, the industrial areas and downtown do have fiber. The city is working to have providers offer a diverse range of internet services in the community with redundancies to ensure competition. They are investing more than $2 billion into the city, including housing, and they are waiting to reap the benefits of the current projects. Wehmeier emphasizes, “We’re a $2.1 billion dollar community in tax value and we expect that to double in the next four years. We’re hitting on all cylinders!” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n MESA Design Group MESA is an award-winning Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design firm based in Dallas, Texas. For 40 years, we have enhanced public and private spaces and created opportunities for recreation, education, and community, both locally and internationally. Our portfolio ranges from intimate garden spaces to large-scale, comprehensive, master-planning projects.