Business View Civil Municipal - July 2023

200 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 7 we can do to take tourism to the next level.” Diodati also spoke about infrastructure. “We’ve got some very exciting and very significant projects,” he said. “This summer, we will be breaking ground on our new multibillion-dollar hospital. This will be the biggest provincial spending in Niagara’s history. Preliminary costs are pegged at about $1.5 billion dollars. But we know that––with major escalating prices of the supply chain, supply-chain management and with inflation––it’s going to be more. That will be huge, and it’s very much needed. Our hospital was built in 1958, and things have changed significantly since the ’50’s. We are really excited about this and the groundbreaking of our opening, which will of course bring us the latest equipment and the most modern hospital that will attract the best and brightest minds that will deliver the best health care for all the people here. And I