Business View Civil Municipal - July 2023

199 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 7 NIAGARA FALLS , ONTARIO (TV show) ‘Canada’s Got Talent,’ which has been a very big success. And we have got other special events, such as the Winter Festival of Lights, which wraps up Valentine’s weekend and special events for Valentines. Typically, New Year’s Eve, we would have an outdoor concert. We had to quit doing that during COVID, but that event would typically bring 40,000 to 60,000 people to the live show, plus fill up all of our hotels and other venues. So we are doing more things and turning Niagara Falls into a music city location.” He stressed the importance of working with such partners as the Niagara Falls Parks Commission, Niagara Falls Tourism, Hotel Association and Regional Tourism Organisation. “I have never yet had a person look at me, not knowing what Niagara Falls was,” said Diodati. “We need to take it from the backburner to the front burner. Ten years ago, we had (acrobat) Nik Wallenda walk across the falls, which made international headlines everywhere. We had other groups coming to us, and now we are having more discussions about what