Business View Civil and Municipal | January 2021

20 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL JANUARY 2021 the players throughout the state, so we can help connect companies to the resources they need to be successful. We have a network of economic developers throughout the state as well. Every community has someone designated to help in their economic development efforts and we are directly tied into all of those teams.” BVM: What other aspects of the New Mexico Partnership would you like to share? Allen: “One of the unique assets New Mexico has is our international border with Mexico. We have had a lot of projects being drawn to that area because businesses can take advantage of the benefits of a U.S. location on the New Mexico side, as well as some of the supply chain and lower cost manufacturing on the Mexico side of the border. “Another sector we have seen significant growth in is value-added agriculture and food manufacturing. There is a lot of talent available for that sector in the state, thanks to our long history in agriculture. Foods like onions, cheese, carrots, and, of course, green chili which are all a staple for the state. The industry has been trending upward recently, as the need for more locations to process food grows. “The most important point about the New Mexico Partnership is that we were designated to be a company’s single point of contact to help them get established and be successful in New Mexico. Whether it’s finding the right site location, negotiating incentives, or connecting to resources, we’re here for them. All our services are confidential and free of charge. And we look forward to working with any company that has an interest in locating in our state.”