Business View Civil and Municipal | January 2021

19 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL JANUARY 2021 NEW MEX I CO PARTNERSHI P as food manufacturing, medical manufacturing, biosciences, and high tech. The state is very well positioned for companies that are looking for wide open spaces, rather than a packed urban area. Companies want to be able to spread out. So, we’re getting a lot of good attention for that and I think it will continue to be important. We’re also seeing an increase in companies that allow employees to work from home, and with the quality of life in New Mexico that has become a very attractive selling point.” BVM: Are you involved with workforce training initiatives? Allen: “We have great relationships with all the universities, the workforce training groups, the communities, the different state departments, so we can help identify where potential talent that companies need is coming from. We can also make introductions to community colleges and universities to help companies establish training programs specific to them. We know all